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Reformation Sermons

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The book of Revelation is first and foremost a letter written by the Apostle John to the churches in Asia Minor during the 1st Century AD (Rev. 2-3) at around 90AD. It is written to encourage a suffering church and to remind them that their story is a part of God's larger Story. In the Revelation, God comforts His people by reclaiming all things rightfully His (Rev. 2-19) as Creator (Rev. 4) and Redeemer (Rev. 5). As He pushes His agenda forward, He is reconstituting the Garden for the joy of His people (Rev. 21, 22).

Thus, as the rightful heir to the cosmos, Jesus, in His victory [Death, Burial, Resurrection, Ascension], reclaims what is rightfully His through signs and wonders.

Preliminary Sermon
01.30.22Therefore, Consider the Word and Understand the VisionDaniel 9:1-27 (vv.24-27)
A Glorified Christ
02.06.22The King Reclaims His Inheritance - An IntroductionRev. 5:1-14
02.13.22Jesus, the Ruler of Kings on EarthRev. 1:1-8
02.20.22A Vision of the Exalted Christ (Mike Davis)Rev. 1:9-20
An Overcoming Church
02.27.22Six Initial Observations Concerning the Seven ChurchesRev. 2-3
03.06.22Ephesus: The One Who Walks Among UsRev. 2:1-7
03.13.22Thyatira: The One Who Knows Heart and Mind (Giles Litzner)Rev. 2:18-29
03.20.22Laodicea: The One Who is AmenRev. 3:14-22
Topical Explanation
04.03.22Ten Reasons Why I Believe Revelation Teaches a Single Coming at the End of the Tribulation

Rev. 3:22-4:1
An Enthroned Christ
04.10.22Behold, the Throne

Rev. 4:1-5:14
04.15.22Behold, the Lamb of God (Good Friday)Rev. 5; Misc.
04.24.22Jesus, the Ruler of Kings on EarthRev. 1:5;4-22; Misc.
Jesus Returns - The Martyr's Prayer (The Seven Seals)
05.01.22How Long Before You Will Judge and Avenge Our Blood? –
The Lamb Opened the Seals

Rev. 6:1-17
05.08.22Who Can Stand? The 144000 (Mike Davis)Rev. 7:1-17; 14:1-5
Jesus Returns - The Final Exodus (The Seven Trumpets and Seven Bowls)
05.15.22The Final Exodus - Round ThreeRev. 8:1-11:19
05.22.22God's Mission Through Unlikely Means (Giles Litzner)Rev. 10:1-11:14
05.29.22One Plan, One Savior, One People
(Expansion of idea found in Rev. 11:1-14)

Heb. 11:8-16,39,40;
Rev. 21:9-27
Jesus Returns - The Dragon, The Beasts, and the False Prophet
06.05.22This Means War! - The Great Red DragonRev. 12:1-17
06.12.22Let Not Your Hearts Be TroubledRev. 12:1-14:5
Jesus Returns - The Righteous King
06.19.22God's Wrath is Finished: Armageddon (Mike Davis)Rev. 15:1-16:21
06.26.22The Tale of Two Contrasting Cities - The Fall of BabylonRev. 16:17-19:10
07.03.22When Jesus Comes - The Return of the Righteous KingRev. 19:1-21
07.10.22The Binding of Satan - The Final JudgmentRev. 20:1-15
07.17.22Ever After (Giles Litzner)Rev. 21:1-22:5
07.24.22You Have the Winning Ticket"
And You Don't Have to Worry About the Balance
Rev. 22:6-21