Worship is only fitting and proper for God. Corporate worship is the gathering of His people for the express purpose of affirming His right to rule His people. Worship is an active response to the character, words and actions of God, initiated by His revelation and enabled by His redemption, whereby the mind is transformed (e.g. belief,repentance), the heart is renewed (e.g. love, trust), and actions are surrendered (e.g. obedience, service), all in accordance with His will and in order to declare His infinite worthiness.

At WBC, we believe that we were made for worship. Worship is not just something we do when we corporately gather, but should be directly related to every aspect of our lives, whether it is through school, work, home or away. When we gather together at Waukesha Bible Church, we express worship through singing, prayer, giving, music and serving one another. It is our desire that our worship be authentic and relevant to our community so that people can see the impact of living out of the Kingdom of God.

Because we believe in biblical worship, we conclude that our Sunday Morning corporate worship is to have certain qualities or marks.

Our corporate gathering on Sunday Morning is to be marked by:

  • bringing to God the gift of our time, our talents, and our treasures.
  • a recognition on our part that He is God and we are not.
  • a concentrated and intentional focus on God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • a sense of God's global community comprised of worshippers from every tongue, tribe, people and nation.
  • something different than what is experienced when apart from the corporate gathering.
  • theological precision.
  • the joyful response of the redeemed.
  • a beauty and attractiveness that invites the non-redeemed to respond.
  • His people asking Him for continued hope, healing, and wholeness.
  • a sense of something that is eternal.