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Although Romans is notably a thick theological treatise, it is first and foremost a practical/pastoral Letter. Like most New Testament Letters, Romans is an occasional Letter. Paul wrote Romans in response to a problem at the local church level. The problem was not their poor theology, but their poor behavior. Paul does not speak of condemnation and justification to correct faulty theology. He calls them to such truth to remind them from the common pit from which they were pulled. The problems confronting the church in Rome are no different from our own. The Jewish believers and the Gentile believers had trouble getting along. Paul's solution to this problem was the gospel.

10.11.15An Introduction to the Book of RomansMisc.
10.18.15The Gospel of God's Grace: An IntroductionRom. 1:1-7
10.25.15The Gospel: An ExplanationRom. 1:8-17
11.01.15The Wrath of God Against the Sins of HumanityRom. 1:18-32
11.08.15God Judges Equally Jews and GentilesRom. 2:1-16
11.15.15Who is a Jew?Rom. 2:17-3:8
11.22.15All-Inclusive Indictment (Giles Litzner)Rom. 3:9-20
11.29.15God's Scandalous Display-The Heart of the GospelRom. 3:21-31
12.06.15Justification in the Book of RomansVarious
12.13.15ProofRom. 4:1-25
12.20.15Advent: The Fulfillment of PromiseRom. 1:1-5
12.27.15Therefore...REJOICERom. 5:1-11
01.03.16A Tale of Two FamiliesRom. 5:12-21
01.10.16Our Union With Christ and the Reign of Grace: Fact or FictionRom. 6:1-14
01.17.16Freedom from Sin's SlaveryRom. 6:15-23
01.24.16Dead to the Law, Married to ChristRom. 7:1-6
01.31.16The Purpose of the LawRom. 7:7-12
02.07.16The Sinner's Hope; The Saint's IdentityRom. 7:13-25
02.14.16No Condemnation - Life in the SpiritRom. 8:1-17
02.21.16Living With HopeRom. 8:17b-30
02.28.16Life on the Summit (Giles Litzner)Rom. 8:31-39
03.06.16The Faithfulness of GodRom. 9:1-29
03.13.16The Word Concerning ChristRom. 9:30-10:21
04.03.16God Still Has a Purpose for IsraelRom. 11:1-36
04.10.16The Mercy of God in the Redeeming of SinnersRom. 12:1-2
04.17.16Unity in the ChurchRom. 12:3-8
04.24.16Love in the ChurchRom. 12:9-21
05.08.16Submission to Governing Authorities (Mike Davis)Rom. 13:1-7
06.05.16Love in the Church (Giles Litzner)Rom. 13:8-14
06.12.16The Problem in Romans 14:1-15:13Rom. 14:1-15:13
06.19.16No Pointing FingersRom. 14:1-12
06.26.16No Pointing Fingers - Part 2Rom. 14:13-23
07.03.16Bearing the Weaknesses of Those Without StrengthRom. 15:1-13
07.10.16The Rest of the StoryRom. 15:14-33
07.17.16Mark, Avoid, Don't Quit!Rom. 16:17-20
07.24.16Paul's Usage of the Law in RomansRomans
07.29.16He Knows Your Name - Part 1Rom. 16:1-16
07.30.16He Knows Your Name - Part 2Rom. 16:1-16
07.31.16To God Be the Glory ForeverRom. 16:25-27