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The Gospel of Matthew is a carefully and intentionally crafted literary work. There is logic, intent, purpose, and significance to the Gospel. Matthew presents Jesus as King throughout his Gospel. It is because of Matthew's evidence that we conclude Jesus is the fulfillment of all Old Testament promises, prophecies, and pictures.

09.23.18This is Jesus, the Kings of the JewsIntroduction
The King's Identity (Chapters 1-7)
09.16.18The Virgin's Baby-Bump (David Griffiths)Matt. 1
10.07.18Shock and Awe
Video played prior to sermon

Matt. 2
10.14.18Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at HandMat. 3
10.21.18To Be Tempted by the DevilMatt. 4:1-11
10.28.18God is on the MoveMatt. 4:12-25
11.11.18Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand - Part 1 (Giles Litzner)Matt. 5
11.18.18Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand - Part 2 (Giles Litzner)
See the Titus series for two related sermon from Matthew 5-7.
Matt. 6-7

The King's Authority Displayed (Chapters 8-10)
11.25.18The Authority of the King - Part 1 (Mike Davis)Matt. 8:1-22
12.02.18The Authority of the King - Part 2 (Giles Litzner)Matt. 8:23-9:38
12.09.18The Sending of the TwelveMatt. 10
The King's Enemies Confronted (Chapters 11-13)
12.16.18Are You the One?Matt. 11:1-19
12.23.18Come to MeMatt. 11:20-30
12.24.18Come to Me (Part 2)Matt. 11:28-30
12.30.18Jesus Christ is Lord of the SabbathMatt. 12
01.06.19The Kingdom of Heaven is Like...Matt. 13
The King's Path Revealed (Chapters 14-18)
01.13.19The Unveiling-Who Do You Say I Am?
Tac Glasses Commercial played as sermon began.

Matt. 14-17
01.20.19The 'Magic' of Feeding ThousandsMatt. 14:13-21
01.27.19You are Certainly God's Son! DUH!Matt. 14:22-36
02.03.19The Tragedy of Spiritual HyposcrisyMatt. 15:1-20
02.10.19The Yoke of Rest is Through the Way of the CrossMatt. 16:24-28
02.17.19The Transfiguring of Jesus Christ:
The Brightest Light in Our Darkest Night

Matt. 17:1-13
02.24.19Burdened by Life; Freed by Christ (Mike Sherf)Matt. 17:14-27
03.03.19The Extreme Importance of Keeping Jesus Front and CenterMatt. 18:1-14
03.10.19Guarding the Integrity of the GospelMatt. 18:15-20
03.17.19The Tale of Two WaysMatt. 18:21-35
The King's Claim Rejected (Chapters 19-25)
03.31.19The Radical Acts of a Gospel MarriageMatt. 19:1-12
04.07.19The Upside Down Kingdom - The Ragamuffin GospelMatt. 19:13-15
04.28.19The Great Reversal - Unfair or Generous?
(last 5 min of sermon audio was lost)

Matt. 20:1-16
04.14.19Who Would Have Thought It Would End Up Like This? (Palm Sunday)Matt. 21:1-11
05.05.19Jesus is King - Now What?Matt. 21-23
05.12.19When the Heavens FallMatt. 24:1-31
05.19.19Hearing Well DoneMatt. 24:32-25:46
The King's Work Finished (Chapters 26-28)
05.26.19The Day the Earth ShookMatt. 27:45-56
04.19.19No Way! (Good Friday)Matt. 27:50-56
04.21.19You've Got to Be Kidding Me, RIGHT? (Easter)Matt. 27:57-28:20
06.02.19Why Are You Troubled? (Ascension Sunday)Luke 24:1ff
06.09.19This is That (Pentecost Sunday)Luke 24; Acts 2