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The Gospel of Mark

In the absence of the Gospel story, we would be lacking a significant piece to the larger picture that God established. We can live with full assurance that God has kept His word to deliver all who trust in Him. There is nothing as important as what the gospels tell us about Jesus Christ.

The purpose of Mark's Gospel about Jesus Christ
11.18.07Beginning of the Gospel about Jesus Christ: Overview IMark 1:1;
Luke 24:25-27
11.25.07Beginning of the Gospel about Jesus Christ: Overview IIMark 1:1;
John 20:30-31
12.02.07Beginning of the Gospel about Jesus Christ, Son of GodMark 1:1
The Beginning of Jesus' Ministry
12:09.07The Servant's ForerunnerMark 1:2-8
12.16.07The Baptism of Jesus ChristMark 1:9-11
12.23.07The Tempation of Jesus ChristMark 1:12-13
12.30.07The Servant's MessageMark 1:14-15
01.06.08The Servant's MenMark 1:16-20
Jesus' Authority Established
01.13.08The Servant's Ministry: Established by Doctrinal TruthMark 1:21-22
01.20.08The Servant's Ministry: Established by Demonic ActivityMark 1:23-28
02.03.08The Servant's Ministry: Established by Diseased SufferersMark 1:29-34
02.17.08Our Lord's Private Life: A Picture of ContrastsMark 1:35-39
02.24.08Our Lord's Public Life: A Picture of CompassionMark 1:38-45
Jesus' Authority Challenged
04.06.08Who Can Forgive Sins But God Alone?Mark 2:1-12
04.13.08Why Is He Eating and Drinking With Tax Collectors and Sinners?Mark 2:13-17
04.20.08Why Do John's Disciples and the Disciples of the Pharisees Fast, but Your Disciples Do Not Fast?

Mark 2:18-22
04.27.08Why Are They Doing What is not Lawful on the Sabbath?Mark 2:23-28
05.04.08Is It Lawful to Do Good or to Do Harm on the Sabbath, to Save a Life or to Kill?

Mark 3:1-6
The Continuation of Jesus' Ministry in Galilee
05.11.08Jesus Withdrew and a Great Multitude FollowedMark 3:7-12
05.18.08And He Appointed TwelveMark 3:13-19
05.25.08He is Possessed by BeelzebulMark 3:20-30
06.01.08Who Are My Mother and My Brothers?Mark 3:31-35
Teaching By Parables
06.08.08The Sower Went Out to SowMark 4:1-20
06.15.08Take Care What You Listen ToMark 4:21-25
06.29.08The Harvest Has ComeMark 4:26-29
07.06.08The Kingdom of God is Like a Mustard SeedMark 4:30-34
Teaching By Miracles
08.24.08Jesus Christ, Lord of the StormMark 4:35-41
08.31.08Jesus Christ, Lord Over DemonsMark 5:1-20
09.07.08Jesus Christ, Lord Over the DeadMark 5:21-24,35-43
09.14.08Jesus Christ, Lord Over the DefiledMark 5:25-34
Teaching Through Transition
09.21.08The Sin of UnbeliefMark 6:1-6
09.28.08The Sending of the TwelveMark 6:7-13,30-34
11.02.08The Slaying of John the BaptistMark 6:14-29
11.09.08The Supplying of Food for the 5,000Mark 6:33-45
11.16.08The Storm on the Sea of GalileeMark 6:45-56
The Removal of Gentile Barriers
11.23.08The Pharisees Confronted - Gentiles IncludedMark 7:1-23
01.25.09The Healing of the Gentile Woman's DaughterMark 7:24-30
02.01.09The Relentless Goodness of GodMark 7:31-37
02.08.09Developing a CHRISTian Worldview - The Feeding of the 4000Mark 8:1-9
02.22.09Beware the Leaven - A Sign Demanded in DalmanuthaMark 8:10-21
Marching Towards the Cross
04.26.09The Healing of the Blind ManMark 8:22-26
05.03.09The Event at Caesarea Philippi: Peter's Confession, Christ's RevelationMark 8:27-9:1,30-32
05.10.09The Mountain of Transfiguration - Jesus Unveils His GloryMark 9:2-13
05.17.09Prayer, Faith, and Christian MinistryMark 9:14-29
05.24.09Understanding Biblical GreatnessMark 9:30-50
07.19.09Teaching Concerning DivorceMark 10:1-12
07.26.09Teaching Concerning Saving FaithMark 10:13-31
08.02.09A Request of Two BrothersMark 10:32-45
08.09.09Restoration of Bartimaeus' SightMark 10:46-52

Will come back to Mark 11-13 at some future date.

Becoming the People of the Resurrection
03.13.11The Annointing - The Coming CrisisMark 14:1-11
03.20.11The Passover - The Darkness before DawnMark 14:12-26
03.27.11The Rejection (Part 1) - Seeking How to Kill HimMark 14:1,2; 15:1-21
04.03.11The Rejection (Part 2) - I Will Not Deny YouMark 14:26-31, 43-45,50-52
04.10.11The Sin-Bearer - But the Lord was Pleased to Crush Him putting Him to GriefMark 15:33-41; Isa.53:3-10
04.17.11The Beginning - He Will See His OffspringMark 15:39-47; Isa.53:10-11
04.24.11The Non-Negotiable - He is Risen; He is Not HereMark 16:1-8

Resurrection Sunday is not the end of the story. The death, burial and resurrection of Christ secured for believers their identity as People of the Resurrection. Pastor Pat continued the Becoming the People of the Resurrection series with four sermons on what the death and resurrection of Christ accomplished on our behalf. View additionals sermons