The Mission of God and the Mission of the Church

Missions refers to the carrying out of the Mission of God which we believe to be the making, maturing, and assembling of disciples of Jesus Christ by local churches into local churches for the strengthening and building up of the global body of Christ (Eph. 4:11-13). In each generation, we believe God has delegated to every local church the above mission of advancing His kingdom on earth to their generation (Matt. 28:19-20). Practically, this necessitates that we as a church be intentional in corporately proclaiming the message of Christ to every tribe, tongue, people, and nation (Rev. 5:9), and then continuing the process of advancing God's kingdom to succeeding generations by making disciples of those who believe and encouraging them to meet together as an assembly or a local church. As a result we will actively be strengthening existing churches and establishing new ones for the glory of God.

Deploy 401 - Pastoral Internship

As a church, we are working to see the vision of God realized through the equipping of individual who can pastor existing churches and those who can plant new churches. Fully convinced of the vision and mission of God, our goal is to see a network of churches that are reproducing churches with our theological DNA who are mutually supporting one another for the greater mission of seeing God's vision realized. We are offering a two year internship to individuals who wish to receive hands on training in pastoral ministry.
To learn more, download our Deploy401-booklet or contact
To apply for an internship, please fill out a Deploy401-application and return to

Church Planting in Egypt

We have partnered with The Timothy Initative (TTI) to plant churches in Egypt. TTI has a proven track record of successful church planting. Egypt is a new field where we are the primary supporter of a "Paul" who is training multiple "Timothy's," all of whom must plant a church to graduate. Learn more about TTI at

Church Planters: Danny & Kari D'Acquisto

Danny D'Acquisto serves as the Lead Pastor of Redemption Church, a new church plant in Wauwatosa Wisconsin. Kari also serves at the church in a variety of ways. Their initial launch was in 2018 so pray for the continued development of this new church plant.

Restricted Access Nations

Individuals working in restricted access nations cannot be named in order to protect their personal safety and to maintain their ability to minister in their fields of service.