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The Theology of Rest

Much of life on the horizontal can push and pull the pilgrim away from sensitivity to God's activity. Life can become so hectic that God becomes an afterthought in the midst of problem solving. Soon, we transfer the clutter of the horizontal to that of the vertical and begin helping God rather than trusting God. In our effort to "help" God, we become weary and heavy-laden. Not just life, but Christianity becomes something that is unattractive and unsustainable. Yet, Jesus said "Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest." Let us learn of this rest together . . .

02.18.18 Come to Me Matthew 11:28-30
02.25.18 Relax, I've Got This (Giles Litzner) Psalm 46
03.04.18 Finding Rest in God's Provision Psalm 23
03.11.18 Finding Rest "In Christ" (Mike Davis) Rom. 6-8
03.18.18 Finding Rest in a Word About God Psalm 19
03.25.18: Behold, Your King is Coming to You Matt. 21:1-17, 42-46
03.30.18: Psalm 22 - Good Friday (Keith Knapp) Psalm 22
04.01.18: Confessing the Resurrection of Jesus Various

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