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From overflowing affection for Christ and His Church, Paul invites his readers to rejoice when confronted by adversity knowing such is essential in perfecting faith and inevitable when proclaiming Christ.

02.26.12: I Have You in My Heart Phil. 1:1-8
03.04.12: And This I Pray, That Your Love May Abound More and More Phil. 1:9-11
03.11.12: Christ is Proclaimed Phil. 1:12-18a
03.18.12: For to Me to Live is Christ and to Die is Gain Phil. 1:18b-26
03.25.12: Striving Together for the Gospel Phil. 1:27-30
04.01.12: Being of the Same Mind Phil. 2:1-4
04.06.12: Jesus Christ, a Different Path to Glory (Part 1) Phil. 2:5-11 (vv.6-8)
04.08.12: Jesus Christ, a Different Path to Glory (Part 2) Phil. 2:5-11 (vv.9-11)
04.15.12: God is at Work in You Phil. 2:12-13
(in context 1:27-2:13)
04.22.12: Children of God - Lights in the World
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Phil. 2:12-18
04.29.12: Kindred Spirits - Together for the Gospel Phil. 2:19-24
05.06.12: Epaphroditus - A Fellow Soldier Phil. 2:25-30
05.13.12: Take Note of the Dogs Phil. 3:1-3
07.01.12: The Surpassing Value of Knowing Christ Phil. 3:4-14
07.08.12: Our Citizenship is in Heaven Phil. 3:15-4:1
07.15.12: Living at Peace with One Another by Celebrating the Lord Phil. 4:2-3
07.22.12: God Gives Peace to His People Phil. 4:4-9
08.05.12: I Have Learned to be Content Phil. 4:10-13
08.12.12: You Have Done Well to Share With Me Phil. 4:14-23

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