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The Victory of God in the Mission of the Church
Pentecost marks the victory of God. It is to be a season of gladness as the triumph of God and the fulfilling of His Promise and the completing of His picture. Pentecost marks the ingathering of the nations. This series celebrates God's victory in carrying out His mission for the Church.

05.27.12: The Mission of the Church: The Story Continues Luke 24:44-48; Acts 1:1-8
06.03.12: Paul's Place in the One Story Acts 7:54-9:31
06.10.12: God is Not One to Show Partiality, But in Every Nation Acts 10:34-48
06.17.12: What is the Mission of the Church?
Elder Mike Davis
Acts 2:37-42
06.24.12: God is Faithful - to the Remotest Part of the Earth Acts 12:20-25

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