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Everything up to this point in the revelation of God was in preparation for the manifestation of Jesus Christ. Everything before Him is perfect but deficient. Each piece left the individual wanting more and anticipating more... until the coming of Christ. In the book of Hebrews Jesus Christ is shown to be better than anything that preceded Him. He is the ultimate. He is the satisfier of man's design. He completes us.

08.19.12: Jesus is Better - In Introduction Misc. Ref.
08.26.12: Christ is Superior to / Better than the Prophets Heb. 1:1-3
09.02.12: Christ is Superior to / Better than the Angels (Part 1) Heb. 1:4-2:4
09.09.12: Christ is Superior to / Better than the Angels (Part 2)
Because He is our Great High Priest
Heb. 2:5-18
09.16.12: Christ is Superior to / Better than Moses Heb. 3:1-6
09.23.12: We Have Become Partakers of Christ Heb. 3:7-19
09.30.12: Therefore, Let Us Draw Near Heb. 4:1-5:1
10.07.12: You Are a Priest Forever Heb. 5:1-10
10.14.12: The Scandal of Rejecting Christ - Elder Mike Davis
We Have an Anchor - Pastor Pat Griffiths
Heb. 5:11-6:12
Heb. 5:11-6:20

10.21.12: It is Impossible for God to Lie -
An Overview of the Hebrew Warning Passages
Heb. 5:11-6:20
10.28.12: It is Impossible for God to Lie -
Eternal Security
Heb. 6:13-20;
John 1:11-13
11.18.12: The Need, Quest and Answer for Personal Perfection Heb. 7:1-28 (vv.11-28)
11.25.12: We Have Such a High Priest Heb. 8:1-13
12.02.12: The Cry of the Longing Heart - Jesus Straightens Thoroughly Heb. 9:1-14
12.09.12: The Offering of the Body of Jesus Christ Once for All Heb. 9:15-10:18
12.16.12: Therefore Let us Draw Near Heb. 10:19-25
12.30.12: The Lord Will Judge His People Heb. 10:26-31
01.06.13: Remember the Former Days Heb. 10:32-39
01.13.13: But Without Faith Heb. 11:1-7
01.27.13: They Desire a Better Country Heb. 11:8-22
02.03.13: He Was Looking to the Reward Heb. 11:23-40
02.10.13: Looking to Jesus Heb. 12:1-3
04.14.13: Let Us Show Gratitude Heb. 12:4-29
04.21.13: Love One Another Heb. 13:1-6
04.28.13: Leaders Lead to Jesus Heb. 13:7-17
05.05.13: Bear With This Word of Encouragement Heb. 13:18-25

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