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Five Gospel Fruits Provided by the Jesus Seed

for Christians to Enjoy

This study considers five areas of our lives impacted by the gospel. Many label such areas as Christian disciplines. We often treat the disciplines as if they are the lamp containing the genie and if we rub the lamp out will pop the genie and grant us three wishes. This is a wrong view of these activities. What they do for us is enable us to see how blessed we already are in Christ. Friend, the New Testament is not a document describing our work for Him, but His work for us. The disciplines are enabling us to understand the Story more fully and thus live out the Story in our daily circumstances.

04.19.15 JESUS and Church Luke 4:14-16,31-33,44
04.26.15 JESUS and Scripture Luke 4:14-30
05.03.15 JESUS and Prayer (Jonathan Wood) Luke 11:1-13
05.10.15 JESUS and Finances (Mike Davis) Luke 16:1-13
05.17.15 JESUS and Mission

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