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God created so that His creation would know and experience the joy He has within Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This joy is only known and experienced in His presence. Adam and Eve experienced His presence fully in the Garden of Eden. But as early as chapter three, this presence is marred. The book of Genesis tells of the beginnings of God outworking his plan to redeem mankind and restore him to fully experience the joy of His presence.

11.30.14 An Introduction to Genesis Gen. 1:1,
3:15, 21
12.07.14 In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth
For more teaching on the Garden and the temple theme,
see the material for our Gloria-Temple class.
Gen. 1-2
12.14.14 Now the Serpent Gen. 3-5
12.21.14 Why Christmas Matters Gen. 3:15,21
12.24.14 The Coming One Predicted (Christmas Eve) Gen. 49:8-12
12.28.14 Now It Came About
For further study on Noah and the Flood, see The Flood sermon series
Gen. 6-10
01.04.15 Come Let Us Build Otherwise We Will Be Scattered
(Mike Davis)
Gen. 11:1-9
01.11.15 Now the LORD said to Abram Gen. 12:1ff
01.18.15 Through Isaac Your Descendants Shall Be Named Gen. 21:1ff
01.25.15 And the Older Shall Serve the Younger Gen. 25:1ff
02.08.15 Then Joseph Had a Dream Gen. 37-50

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