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Lent/Easter 2013

Come and Dine - The Long Journey Home
As we approach the Lenten/Easter season we are reminded of how God prepared for His people a place where they might dwell with Him and enjoy His presence forever. He first dwelt with man in the Garden of Eden. After the Fall, the "Seed Promise" was made and thereafter Satan waged war against the Seed. On God's initiative, the Seed promise was fulfilled through the person of Jesus Christ and once again God would dwell with man. He prepares the meal, all are invited, and we come and dine (Matt. 22:4). All one needs to do is come. The biblical story tells this one story of our Long Journey Home.

02.17.13 Where Are You? Gen. 3:1-8,24
02.24.13 And There Was War in Heaven Rev. 12:1-17
03.03.13 The Hour Has Come John 17:1, Misc.
03.10.13 Tell John What You Hear and See Matt. 11:1-6; Luke 4:18,19
03.17.13 Come and Dine Matt. 22:1-14
03.24.13 Eden Remix (Palm Sunday) Matt. 21:1-17
03.29.13 But the Lord Was Pleased to Crush Him (Good Friday) Isa. 53; Matt. 27
03.31.13 He is not Here, for He is Risen! (Easter) Matt. 27:62-28:10
04.07.13 Home at Last (Elder Mike Davis) John 14:1-6

Come and Dine Come and Dine (Articles)
This booklet contains one article corresponding with each of the above sermons.
Come and Dine Come and Dine (Devotional)
This booklet contains daily devotionals to help you to live "In Story" duriing this Lenten/Easter season.

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