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This sermon series is a paragraph by paragraph study of the book of Colossians. The book of Colossians forms one of the most translucent revelations of Jesus Christ found within Holy Scripture. The veil has been rent and we are privileged and exposed to a full portrayal of who He is and what He has done for His people. Here we find the promise fulfilled and the picture completed.

Colossians: An Introduction
Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy and Orthopraxy, O My!
07.17.11: To the Saints and Faithful Brothers in Christ
- Position Matters
Col. 1:1,2
07.24.11: The Power of the Gospel Col. 1:3-8
08.07.11: God Qualified His People to Receive His Redemptive Gifts Col. 1:9-14
08.14.11: The Fullness of Christ Col. 1:12-20
08.21.11: The Truth of Our Reconciliation with God as Trinity --
"Yet He has NOW reconciled you."
Col. 1:21-23
09.04.11: Christ in You, the Hope of Glory Col. 1:24-2:7
09.11.11: We Proclaim Him Col. 1:28
09.18.11: So Walk in Him Col. 2:1-8 (vv. 6,7)
09.25.11: The Suffiency of Christ Restated: Why you and I need
nothing more than what we already have in Christ
Col. 2:8-15
10.02.11: True Spirituality Col. 2:16-23
10.09.11: Learning to Really Live Col. 3:1-4
10.23.11: Dealing with the Undead - How to Kill a Zombie Col. 3:5-11
11.06.11: Put on the New Man Col. 3:12-17
11.13.11: It is the Lord Whom You Serve (emphasis on marriage) Col. 3:18-19
11.27.11: You Too Have a Master in Heaven (emphasis on parenting) Col. 3:18-4:1
02.05.12: The Supremacy of Jesus Christ and Personal Prayer Col. 4:2-6
02.12.12: Gospel Community Encourages Hearts Col. 4:7-18

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