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Advent / Christmas
The incarnation of Jesus Christ, whereby God became man, is a vital chapter in the gospel. May your worship of Him be refreshed through this collection of Advent / Christmas messages.

12.24.11: What Child is This? What Child is This?
12.25.11: Where is He? Matt. 2:1-15 Where is He? (Matt. 2:1-15) Where is He? (Matt. 2:1-15) Where is He? (Matt. 2:1-15)
12.23.12: An Ancient Promise; A Present Hope Matt. 1:1-25
12.24.12: A Child Will Be Born to Us Matt. 2:1-15

12.24.16: For the Grace of God has Appeared Titus 2:11-15
12.25.16: Jesus Explains God John 1:1-18

12.24.17am: Why Christmas Matters - Part 1 1 Tim. 1:13-17
12.24.17pm: Why Christmas Matters - Part 2 Luke 2:8-20

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